Friday, January 29, 2010

Let's Support These Guys!

I received word from a reader that a local farmer, C&D Family Farms, run by Crystal and Dan Nells, that raises great hogs and sells them along with beef, eggs, lamb and sausages experienced a devastating fire on Monday night. First of all, the story starts out with one of the farmers waking up at 12:15 AM--yes 12:15 AM--to feed a piglet they have in the house. It was then that she noticed their barn engulfed in flames, containing 13 piglets, 3 mother pigs, and 2 mothers-to-be. Most of the pigs were able to escape, but sadly, one piglet, one mother and one mother-to-be were all lost to the fire.

Aside from the terror of waking up to this sort of scene, one can imagine the huge sort of financial blow this deals to a small farm. To that end, if we can, let's throw a little support their way. They will be in the Lincoln Park High School parking lot tomorrow, Saturday, January 30, from 9-11am selling their products. Otherwise, stay tuned to their website for more opportunities to support them.

Good luck to Crystal and Dan on getting things back up and running.

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  1. I've been on the road with a book and thus out of touch, but I wanted to join your plea for support of C & D Farms. Their animals are all free range, and the happy pigs eat acorns. I buy almost all my meat from them and can heartily recommend the pork tenderloin, ground pork and pork sausage varieties. Let's help them stay in business! Crystal comes to Lincoln Square Tuesdays 8-11 am.