Sunday, March 20, 2011

Soup and Bread, Year 3

This year marks the third for Martha Bayne's Soup and Bread and her alchemist's powers for bringing together strangers and strange ingredients and turning them into delicious crocks of soup (the ingredients, at least--except for the soylent green soup that one time) and donations for various local causes. Come down to the hidden The Hideout every Wednesday while it's still soup weather (once it is warm, the soup turns magically into veggie bingo--more on that when it's consistently warm out) and enjoy the talents of your fellow city folk and make a donation to the cause of the week. This year, yours truly will be making soup this Wednesday, March 23; the event lasts from 5-8 and I'm thinking this year's soup is going to require chopsticks. I'll bring those; you bring yourself and a friend. As always, a big thank you to Martha for putting this on so consistently and energetically...


  1. The soylent green soup? Really? (And yes, I know the movie reference...) Do tell!

  2. Cindy! I was just kidding--though maybe it's something to work on for the next Soup and Bread...