Thursday, November 18, 2021

New Publication: Bon Vivant Culinary Journal

New things afoot! We've launched a print culinary journal, Bon Vivant (@bonvivantjrnl on Instagram), with each issue covering a single culinary topic featuring stories, recipes, and photography from some of my favorite places to cook and eat, printed twice per year.

Hot off the presses, Issue 1 covers Wood Fire Cooking over open flames, in wood-fired ovens, and in home fireplaces--we'll even build an apple wood fire in a Chicago lot to cook Valencian paella.

Order the first issue or subscribe at

Special thanks to my talented collaborators @kevinhartmann and @lexi_at as well our small group of investors who helped get this off the ground, and all the supporters out there! Proceeds beyond production and publication costs will be donated to The Greater Chicago Food Depository.