Saturday, January 17, 2009

Soup That's Sorta Free

I made some enchiladas with a friend last night, and I'm still feeling it. In a good way. I love that about food--kind of like eating a really old, sharp cheese, and your mouth is still tingly 20 minutes later? That cheese is really letting you know that you're eating it, and it's a great symbiotic relationship, in a way. Like a performer and an audience. Among many others, that's one of the best vibes food gives me.

So I will soon write about the enchiladas and process of making them, which when made completely from scratch (save pressing masa into tortillas, though I don't see that adding too much trouble), is really not overly difficult, but a great way to get everyone in the kitchen and involved and talking and spattered with oil and chiles and dipping cheese into the sauce as it bubbles.

But I wanted to quickly mention something called Soup and Bread happening at The Hideout. Each Wednesday from 5 - 8, a few different folks will make soup and bring it to The Hideout; the soup is donated and free, but donations are requested, all of which go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. It's a great little thing to build community and help out the Depository a bit, so come out if interested! More information can be had at the Soup and Bread site. I just discovered it, and I'm lucky enough to be making soup this week. So I'm figuring out what it'll be right now. At any rate, come on down! And more on the wonderful enchiladas soon...