Monday, May 11, 2009

The Great Pie-Off, or, Potluck, Round II

I was enjoying the company of some friends and some malted hops recently when we started talking about pies and different variations thereof. Debate ensued about crust and filling, the optimal fruit to be used, and how much certain parties could consume at once. Gladly, we came to a consensus on two things: we'd all like to avoid an incident as documented in Stand By Me, and we'd like to keep the event, despite it's name, non-competitive. I mean, aren't we all winners at an event where the main goal is to eat pie?

I suggested we also throw in homemade ice cream; some wiseguy suggested barbecue (a friend with an airtight recipe vault's father makes the best sauce I've had in awhile) and someone else threw in mac and cheese. Well, whatever the optional add-ons, I'd like to make it center around pie, and I'd like you to come. It's as good as summer now, so I'm thinking at Lake Michigan somewhere some sunny afternoon. Bring a pie and a fork; leave the castor oil and raw eggs at home. Email me at if you love pie and would like to come. And since we're not sanctioned by the Global Pie Eater's Committee, the only judgement passed will be measured by empty pie tins.