Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pork Pie Hat Optional

Hello! It's been awhile, and let me apologize for neglecting my dear Food on the Dole, as it's been a wonderfully busy summer thus far what with travels to Portland, Oregon and Bozeman, Montana. More on those trips soon, as they were culinarily heavy in a most delightful way.

But first things first.

The Pie Off is shaping up nicely and there have been several threats of many delicious pies, both savory and sweet, so things are looking good. That said, we'll start around 5:00 this coming Sunday, July 5th, in the park between Lake Shore Drive and Lake Michigan around Argyle Street. There's parking there, and it's easy access from the Argyle Red Line stop (get off, walk towards the lake, cross Lake Shore drive through the pedestrian underpass, look for a bunch of pie). Here's a good aerial map that I hope works for you.

What should you bring? A pie, first and foremost. A fork would be wise as well. I'll get some plastic plates. And if anyone has a folding table we could use, that would be awesome, just let me know. Beyond that, it's up to you. Someone teased with homemade ice cream. Bring moonshine, bring dogs, bring friends, anything else you might want; but for the love of all that is sacred in the world, bring a pie.

Let me know if you have any questions, and give me an email if you plan on coming if you haven't already, just so we can plan the tables and plates accordingly.

And stay tuned for delicious tales of doughnuts, mustard, and wood fired pizza coming soon...