Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where'd I put my Alkaline Salts?

I'm gearing up for this Saturday's big collaboration dinner junket where my crazy-haired X-Marx friend and I will be serving up a good 7 or so courses of F.o.t.D. inspired food, dressed up nice and pretty for the night (the food that is; we'll be our usual slovenly selves). It's a pretty fluid process in both method and consumption, by which I mean to say plans are tentative with plenty of room for improvisation--and we drank a lot of beer planning, probably will while cooking and definitely will after cooking. We've got some interesting things planned, all in the name of top-notch food, which I will dutifully report on back here at some point in the future in order to keep the taut bubble of suspense intact for those attending.

Meanwhile, treat yourself well, dole style. Get a couple of packs of ramen, add culantro and basil and poach an egg in the broth and add some pickled shiitake mushrooms. It will fuel your search for the ever elusive alkaline salts you need to make your own ramen noodles. More soon.