Friday, December 10, 2010

Get Thee to a Piggery

Living in Chicago, I'm fortunate to be in proximity to some of the best food around--from tamales out of a street cart to fancy-pants-whatever-starred-cheffed-by-such-and-such restaurants. But some of my best meals in this city--nay, in this life--have been given to me in the very capable hands of some good friends. Who are these people that I am so lucky to have been thrown in the same pot with? They vary as much as the options described above do--from the bags of myriad cookie varieties from a friend each Christmas to the people who show up on my doorstep (and end up asleep on said doorstep) bearing cheese, champagne, bourbon, cigars and cotechino on New Years Eve. However, this Sunday, I'm talking about one group in particular who have in the works an amazingly gluttonous tribute to the great Au Pied du Cochon in Montreal (not to be confused with another legend by the same name in Paris). My friends at Xmarx are putting on this show down at dodo@Dino's in Fulton Market, and more information on the dinner can be had here. It'll be a indulgefest of massive proportion; have a soft bed and plenty of psyllium husk ready afterwards...and be ready for maximum satiation.