Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bottles of Cava and The New Salon Dates

We're taking a second to breathe in the nice cool(ish) air that has finally arrived here at the F.o.t.D. Headquarters in Chicago, and have put together some new Salon dates for the first couple weeks of August. The first day of August is, of course, always reserved for gastronomical feats of great proportion; as the month moves ahead, here's what we've got lined up. Click on a Salon name for tickets (and if you are new to the Salon, read about it here or here, or watch it here):
  • Seafood Salon. The first two Seafood Salons were great successes, so we're going to paddle ahead into another! Depending on what the market is providing, we'll cook up the freshest fish around, and maybe serve some cool, refreshing seviched fish. We'll keep everything light and summery, so BYOB those crisp white wines! Wednesday, 8/3/11 at 7:00 PM, $60.
  • Parisian Bistro Salon. We're bringing back the Bistro Salon! Last time we discovered that these are the picture perfect foods for the Salon, so come back as we revisit some classic, simple favorites like steak frites, pork rillettes, and big bursting salads on a festive Saturday evening at the Salon. Come discuss your love of bistros, or come find out just what makes them and their style of food so important and well-loved. BYOB of course, so break out those hearty red table wines and grab a seat for a Salon that is sure to last deep into the evening. Saturday, 8/6/11 at 7:00 PM, $60.
  • Sweet Brunch Salon. We've had some great meals at the popular Food on the Dole Brunch Salon, so this week, I've decided to make the Brunch all about the sweet stuff. You know--along the lines of french toast, pecan rolls, maple glazed bacon and the like. Next week's Brunch Salon will be all about the savory side of things: frittatas, sausages, english muffins and all their friends. Are you one or the other? Or both? Come see either Sunday, and BYOB! Sunday, 8/7/11 at 11:00 AM, $40.
  • Castilian Tapas Salon. We're taking the Salon to Toledo, and we ain't talkin' Ohio! Join us as we explore the tapas dishes that originated in the Castile region of Spain, where over seven centuries ago a king fell ill and was revived by eating little bites of food between drinks. We'll go back to the roots of this food and explore its evolution made possible by traveling marauders. BYOB, so bring your AlbariƱo, Sherry and Cava! Thursday, 8/11/11 at 7:00 PM, $50.
  • Savory Brunch Salon. As you know, we're pitting sweet vs. savory in the first two brunches of August! Last week's Sweet Brunch Salon took a long look at things like french toast, pecan rolls, maple glazed bacon and the like. Today we will be on the savory side of the moon with things along the lines of frittatas, sausages, english muffins and all their friends. Join us this BYOB Sunday and get your savory juices flowing! Sunday, 8/14/11 at 11:00 AM, $40.
  • Ribs 'n Sides Salon. We're gonna slow cook some pork ribs and finish 'em on the grill in this smoky, sticky Salon. Maybe Spare, maybe St. Louis, maybe Baby Back--only time and the market will tell. But come talk barbecue, one of the most affably contentious topics around as we complement the ribs with a good deal of tasty sides, and BYOB that cold beer! Note: you will leave with that great smoky smell all over you. Friday, 8/19/11 at 7:00 PM, $60.
August is always a great month around the F.o.t.D. headquarters--as you head out of the manic excitement of it finally being warm into the melted brain yearning for it to just be a little bit cooler, come put some great food in front of yourself alongside good company, and pick up some skills along the way. Hope to see you soon!