Monday, July 11, 2011

New Salon Dates for Late July!

Now that the madness that is July 4th is behind us, we've been able to put together some Salon dates for the last half of July. As always, thanks to those who have joined us already, and I hope to meet many more of you. We'll be following some popular themes and introducing a couple of new ones as well--click on a Salon name for tickets:
  • F.o.t.D. Brunch Salon. One of our most popular Salons will continue as we make our way through another lovely Sunday morning into the afternoon over some beautifully crafted food. In the past, we've made jam, scones, homemade English muffins, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, hash, frittatas and so much more--come join us to keep the tradition going! BYOB as always. Sunday, 7/17, 11am. $40.
  • F.o.t.D. Charcuterie Salon. Time to celebrate all things charcuterie! Tonight we'll be working with cured meats and sausages to explore all the dimensions and flavor they have to offer, complemented with produce fresh from the region's finest farms. I'll hit Gene's Sausage Shop and Paulina Market and we'll cook up and dine on these wonders of preservation and craft because, in the words of the venerable Doug Sohn, "There are no two finer words in the English language than 'encased meats,' my friend." This one will be hearty, and calls from some big beers and red wines--BYOB as always! Wednesday, 7/20, 7pm. $60.
  • F.o.t.D. Pasta Salon. Fresh pasta is one of my absolute favorite things to make, so come spend a Saturday evening in the Salon kneading, rolling and cutting fresh pasta for a lovely mid-summer dinner. We'll share stories of our experience with pasta, learn about what makes this simple food so comforting and dig in to a hearty and soulful meal together. The Salon is, as always, BYOB, so bring those big Tuscan wines to enjoy as we cook the evening away. Come with questions and an empty belly; leave with technique, a sense of community and a snapping waistband. Saturday, 7/23, 7pm. $50.
  • F.o.t.D. Southern Staples II Salon. We had a great first Southern Staples Salon, and it's just about that time to fire up the cast iron again and get some friend chicken going. During my time in Atlanta, I ate some of the most memorable food of my life. Southern food has a certain soul to it, and we'll be recreating some of that here at this Sunday Salon, so come join us as we celebrate the simplicity of one of the truest cuisines we can call our own. This one will be hearty and is BYOB as always, so bring some moonshine! Sunday, 7/24, 3pm. $40.
  • F.o.t.D. Vegetarian Salon. In the Food on the Dole Vegetarian Salon, it isn't about replacing meat with boring faux-meats. We're celebrating all of the gorgeous vegetables available to us here in the mid-summer in several different preparations, letting each vegetable and grain be what they are--delicious and nourishing. Come explore all of the bounty from the local farms in this highly market-driven Salon; based on what I find at the farmer's market, we'll prepare a full and delicious meal. The Salon is BYOB, please bring whatever you'd like to drink. Thursday, 7/28, 7pm. $40.
  • F.o.t.D. Campagne Fran├žaise Salon. I'm really excited about this one! When people ask me what my favorite type of cuisine is, my thoughts always turn to the countryside and what the paysans are eating. Yes, peasant food is, to me, some of the most delicious food out there--hearty and simple, and always so aware of what is available year round. This late afternoon Salon will celebrate the ethic of the French farmhouse, with beautiful and simple food to be had with great company and your BYOB saison beers or red wines. Please note that this is definitely not a vegetarian meal! Sunday, 7/31, 1pm. $50.
I hope everyone's summer has been going great; come join us in the Salon and share some great food while picking up a few techniques and building some community!