Friday, May 20, 2011

From the Depths of The Fridge, or, Let's Keep This Going!

Thanks for all the great support of the Food on the Dole Salons, everybody! Seats are filling up fast and it looks like we'll have a busy June on our hands, full of tasty food and good folks around the table. We still have a few spots open, though, so be sure to grab yours soon here. Right now, we're gearing up for the Bistro Salon tomorrow night--I'm thinking mussels marinières, steak frites and the beloved rillettes, with a couple of spring market items to lighten things up a bit as the red wine flows. So, I'm off to shop; better eat something first. Kicking around the fridge I found some roasted beets, green garlic hummus, roasted chicken, green garlic pesto, whole grain mustard and some really good grainy bread. Three pieces of bread got the F.o.t.D. one-side toast (the crisp, toasted side goes on the inside of the sandwich, providing crunch while leaving the outside nice and soft) and everything was piled up with a dose of sriracha for good measure. Oh! And there's a pickle! Perfect. I'll see 6 of you tomorrow at the Salon and perhaps some of you at the market in the morning!