Tuesday, May 17, 2011

June Salon Dates Are Here, and a New Logo!

I'm thrilled to be able to offer eight Food on the Dole Salons in June! We've had such great Salons so far, so let's keep it rolling into the summer (which hopefully is somewhere around the corner). The Salons are open to all, regardless of cooking ability, and are a place to not only learn from a chef, but to learn from each other and create a bond of different folks who love food. Come one, come all! Tickets can be had by clicking on the name of the desired Salon:
  • Spring, Where Are You? It's nearly June, and we're wondering where spring is! Luckily, the farmers have been working their hardest to bring great things out of the soil in these parts, so this weeknight Salon will feature a bevy of top-notch produce from the farms in the area. Please note: this is not a vegetarian Salon. Come join us as we create from fresh goodies picked up at the market by yours truly the day before. No menu will be set until the goods are in hand, so be ready for some deliciously spontaneous cooking and eating! BYOB, $40.
  • Southern Staples During my time in Atlanta, I ate some of the most memorable food of my life. Southern food has a certain soul to it, and we'll be recreating some of that here at this Sunday Salon, so come join us as we celebrate the simplicity of one of the truest cuisines we can call our own. This one'll be hearty--greens, casseroles, and we'll most definitely break out the cast iron for some fried chicken. BYOB as always, so bring some moonshine to put in that sweet tea! $40.
  • Pizzaland Stop by the Pizzaland Salon and throw some dough! F.o.t.D. wants you to learn how simple it is to leave the pizza guy out in the cold and build top-notch pies from scratch. We'll put together a ton of great homemade toppings and bake pizza after pizza in this casual weeknight salon. BYOB as always, so bring some cold brews or that wicker basket wine! $30.
  • Brunch II The first Food on the Dole Brunch Salon was so successful we've just gotta do it again! Like before, we'll visit old classics, and possibly brave some new terrain in our market-driven menu; a perfect way to resurface from the weekend's debauchery. BYOB of course, and I'll throw in a mimosa as well! $40.
  • Farmer's Market Salon The summer brings us an ever growing bounty of gorgeous produce at the markets, and that fills us with inspiration when cooking! Come add to the spontaneity at this weeknight Market Salon, where we will create a delicious meal from produce picked up by F.o.t.D. that morning from the Green City Market. Anything goes, and please note that this is not a vegetarian Salon. BYOB as always, $40.
  • Beer Food Salon Join us in this rollicking BYOB Salon as we kick back and make some simple, completely from scratch food to go along with your beer. We'll make some mussels, frites and aioli, grill some sausages, and who knows what else? Bring whatever style beer you like--this food goes well with anything from the lightest swill to the heartiest Belgian! Teetotalers not allowed! $50.
  • Seafood Salon II The first Seafood Salon was a great success, so let's do it again! We'll lock down the freshest available seafood and complement it beautifully with what the markets have available. This time around I'm thinking about the beautiful trout available from Idaho and Wisconsin, and you know it wouldn't be a Salon without some oysters! BYOB as always--crisp white wine, anyone? $60.
  • Vegetarian Salon II Consistent readers of Food on the Dole know that I am a boisterous carnivore. Despite that, I absolutely love creating fulfilling meals without using meat, and have always found this to be one of the more rewarding challenges as a chef. So, let's explore the late June options that are coming from the local farms and celebrate the beauty of vegetables for what they are, as opposed to finding ways of making them emulate meat--you won't find any seitan or tempeh at this Salon! It'll be highly market-driven; based on what I find at the farmer's market, we'll prepare a full and delicious meal. The Salon is BYOB, so please bring whatever you'd like to drink! $40.
An enormous thank you to all the support we've gotten so far--from saloneers to advice givers to the lovely and talented Kristen Jones who does all of my artwork including the perfectly stunning new logo above to the markets to the press and beyond--I look forward to meeting many more of you and connecting over some great food!