Thursday, May 26, 2011

On Top of Spaghetti...

So! I was able to score some great bunches of veggies before all of the farmers packed it in early at Green City yesterday. I was down there by about 9:30, kind of late but hey--it was Wednesday (vs. the mayhem of the Saturday market) and pouring rain so I wagered that the crowds would be bundled up inside, not willing to brave the rain. That bet went a bit too far as most of the farmers were headed out as well just as I arrived, not just to get out of the elements but to tend to things back home--I even heard talk of a tornado hitting near one of the farms. Gladly for me (and tonight's Vegetarian Saloneers), Green Acres and Mick Klug Farms were toughing it out in the mud pit that was Lincoln Park, and I was able to get a few things, supplemented later in the day by that great little indoor farmer's market, the Green Grocer. Thus, we've got some good lookin' food on the menu for tonight.
Meanwhile, coming back in, soaked through from the rough weather, I needed a serious dose of comfort. I had a bit of ground beef and pork left over from a burger party with Old Crazy Hair and his crew the night before, so I sauteed that up with some garlic and chile flake, added some red wine and crushed tomatoes, and made the quickest, easiest bolognese sauce of all time and tossed it with a mish-mosh of dried pasta--spaghetti and bucatini. As much as I love fresh pasta, this is why I keep dried pasta around. Showered with parmesan cheese, this is the quick pasta dish we turn to for some of that rich comfort. With leftover epi bread on the side, I was all set to continue my venture.

In other news, due to popular demand, we've added another "Spring, Where Are You?" Salon on Friday, June 3, and we have one seat open for the Salon of the same name and theme the night before on Thursday, June 2, as well as seats available towards the end of June for the Beer Food Salon on Saturday June 18 and the second Seafood Salon on Wednesday, June 22. Hope to see you soon!