Monday, May 2, 2011

My Butty, or A Really Good Bacon Sandwich

I found myself with a good bit of smoked pork belly while planning yesterday's Brunch Salon (more on that soon) and, having had sandwich on the brain for a while, sliced it thick and threw it in the trusty cast iron with some sliced onions to make that great British bacon sandwich sometimes referred to as a butty. When nice and seared, I took the belly and the soft, sweet onions out, and slapped in a couple pieces of that great miche bread from Bennison's in Evanston to fry up in the remaining fat in the pan. I like to toast/fry only one side of the bread, and put this fried part on the inside of the sandwich--keeping the outside soft while still offering that great crunch of fried bread. Keeps it a bit neater as well, though with this edition of sandwich I subbed whole grain mustard for the butty's usual butter and, as you can probably tell from the picture above (Click on it. Get closer.), it became a delicious mess pretty quickly. But as you can imagine, that is scarcely a problem at the Dole headquarters.