Monday, June 13, 2011

Brunch, Beer and the Importance of Contrast

Yesterday found 6 new folks in the F.o.t.D. headquarters at the second Brunch Salon, and we spent a lovely Sunday afternoon cooking some great things together. After everyone arrived, we moved from mimosas on to making more substantial things, including:
  • cranberry scones with a quick strawberry-rhubarb jam;
  • farm potato hash with melted onions and smoked rib belly;
  • homemade english muffins with whipped maple butter;
  • poached eggs with double smoked pork loin and garlic scape pesto;
  • pea tendril and arugula salad with tiny, tiny little baby carrots and a chive vinaigrette.
One of the saloneers grew up in England, and I'm happy to report that he was ever so pleased with the scones. As I wrote here, a traditionalist such as myself believes that scones are meant to be eaten with something: clotted cream, a cup of coffee or, as in our case, butter and warm, just-off-the-stove strawberry-rhubarb jam. These days, one is hard pressed to find a good, solid scone rather than a muffin in scone's clothing; they become so filled with eggs and butter (wait--I'm actually complaining about this?) that they become little cakes, all springy and moist. I know, I know--isn't this a good thing? Well, if it were a cake or muffin, yes. But in this case, I'm slathering the thing with butter and that jam, and gulping it down with some hot coffee. And each element plays a note in the experience. Are cakey scones terrible? No way! But does a crisp outside giving way to a flaky inside complement luscious toppings? You bet.

ANYWAY, we're looking forward to Wednesday's Market Salon; some good things have been slowly trickling into the rotation at the farmer's markets, and I'll be there Wednesday morning to fill the Salon's larder. And hey! We've still got a couple seats open for the Beer Food Salon this Saturday where we'll be exploring different types of food to go along with our sudsy favorites. Pick up a ticket and bring some beer, home brewed or otherwise, and we'll see you then!