Friday, June 24, 2011

New Salon Dates!

Greetings all! Just a quick post to formally announce four new Salons for the first half of July, with more soon to follow. After the enthusiastic responses to the past Market and Brunch Salons, we've decided to offer two of each for the beginning of the month.

The Brunch Salon is a great way to continue the wind down of the weekend--we bake, fry and poach together as a lovely Sunday morning turns to afternoon. We'll navigate our way through some beautiful market produce to a destination of lovely and delicious food. Past dishes have included homemade English muffins and scones, hollandaise sauce and farm potato hash. $40 each:
The Market Salon is an evening of foraging through just-harvested summer produce from the area's farms. I'll hit the farmer's markets in the morning to find the best stuff available and we'll guide these beauties to our table in the most tasteful (and tasty) way. Please note, this is not necessarily a vegetarian Salon. $50:
We have six seats available per Salon to ensure a great, community-building dynamic in the kitchen and at the table. The Salon is always BYOB, so please feel free to bring anything you like to drink. I've been thrilled with the turnout so far--lots of folks who love food and want to share in it with others as I guide us through the spontaneous menu. If you have any questions about the Food on the Dole Salon, please email me at Otherwise, click on a link above to grab a seat and we'll make a great thing happen! See you soon!