Friday, June 10, 2011

That Ain't Pizza Burning--That's My Hat!

After a nice, relaxing couple of days in the hills of Wisconsin camping--which included plenty of good beer from the lovely New Glarus Brewery, a bottle of Wild Turkey, brats on the fire from Gene's (yes I took brats to Wisconsin from Chicago), scrambled eggs cooked in plenty of bacon grease and a big juicy ribeye in my cast iron pan (geez, I love that thing; it goes right in the fire!)--I returned cleaner than usual (despite a very smoky hat) thanks to the nearby lake with pizza on the mind for the F.o.t.D. Pizzaland Salon. So, I cleansed myself with some really good greens and radishes from a friend's roof:
...and threw a bunch of pizzas with some lively people at the Salon. Various toppings included crimini mushrooms, crispy bacon, salami, cheddar cheese, parmigiano reggiano, baby greens, olive oil, tomato sauce and, perhaps most importantly, a really flavorful crust made from Flyod, the beloved bread starter given to me by old crazy hair, that got nice and crusty when rubbed with oil and cooked hot and heavy in the oven--an oven that was most welcome on the suddenly cold night, and just the right liason between the campfire and the home kitchen. Thanks to those who made it out, and we're gearing up for the Brunch Salon on Sunday! Good things in the works, including a melted onion potato hash and some tasty maple butter we're getting whipped up. See you all soon!