Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mid-Summer Soliloquy

As we crank through the summer, rejoicing at the temperate weather when we get it, the Salon is welcoming so many new and interesting people. And while the food is great, what I'm most thrilled about is the bit of community being formed--however small--amongst those that attend. Which is one of the main ideas behind the Salon: a simple cooking lesson can be had anywhere, and the city is full of great underground dinner options, but what we're really trying to foster in the Food on the Dole Salon is a community-based return to the kitchen and table, all based around really good food. A huge thanks to those who are committed to that, and to those who have, at the very least, given it a shot.

I'm loving the challenge it's presenting me with as well. The day-of shopping for a dinner for seven people, the spontaneity of menu writing once said shopping is done, the introduction of new techniques to those wanting to learn them. The exposure to so many new people and seeing them meet for the first time. The witnessing of a small bit of community unfolding. And knowing that however crazy the city gets, with all the summer construction, traffic, heat, noise and so much else pushing us away from one another, we can still turn to a tiny oasis of serenity and connection at a table, over well-crafted food, to bring us back together.

I'd like to offer a sincere thank you to the support I've gotten in this venture so far. From it's conception with Kristen Jones, who also does the beautiful graphics work for me, to those close to me who have offered advice, ingredients and the occasional car to scoot around town picking up ingredients in, and, just as importantly, to those of you who have taken the chance of coming to a stranger's Salon, and contributing a bit of yourself to its success. The Food on the Dole Salon is still an infant, but here's to the love and support it's gotten thus far!