Friday, April 15, 2011

Susie's Noon Hour Grill, or Thanks To My Young Skinny Friend

Last year I was introduced to Susie's Noon Hour Grill, tucked away in the alley-like portion of Glenwood Avenue in Rogers Park by a young, hip-skinny buddy of mine. I'd walked past it a hundred times and never noticed it; don't make that same mistake. It's run by Susie--a sweet little elderly Korean lady--and to say it is a Korean restaurant would be way off. Sure, the bi bim bop comes out later in the day, but there's Japanese Ramen on the menu (that I'm anxious/nervous to try), and really, I see its strength as being a place for rolling into in the morning, or whatever part of the day one wakes up. You see, that's when Susie makes things like Korean Pancakes and Bulgogi and Kim Chee Omelets. I know what you're thinking. Kim Chee in an omelete? But hey--it really works, and so does the chile/soy sauce for those pancakes--so savory and glutinous and chewy. Cheap as all get out as well, and Susie is just such a cutie. She's the only one there, so maybe avoid it if you're the type to write negative Yelp reviews about a place with only one host, server, cook, busser, cashier, etc. But if you can appreciate the power of one little lady in a sparse, diner-like spot making you feel warm and full of delicious and different yet somehow familiar food, go to this restaurant. 6930 N. Glenwood in Rogers Park, on the part of Glenwood headed south, next to a comic book store.