Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get It While It's Cold!

Believe it or not, the season where putting your face in a bowl of hot soup is more inviting than putting your face in a freezer is rapidly coming to a close. It isn't exactly sweltering yet, and North Avenue Beach has yet to turn in to a seething ant hill, but hey--Soup and Bread only has two more dates left--tonight and next Wednesday, so get yourself down there to the Hideout in a hurry. If you were one of those who made it down there a couple of weeks ago and had yours truly's version of ramen (with a broth made of pig trotters and necks, chicken feet and backs, and beef necks, not to mention those deliciously smoky bacon ends) and have several dozen hours to kill but are painfully aware of the fact that I'm not crazy about posting recipes, the recipe is up at the Soup and Bread site. Meanwhile, pig parts are en route to the F.o.t.D Salon, a couple of seats have opened up, and we're gearing up for a delicious Sunday evening.