Friday, April 1, 2011

Rebel in Manhattan

When I was younger, I had the good, good fortune of being introduced to what is now one of my favorite cocktails (close behind the mighty Negroni)--the Manhattan. Named perhaps after a club in NYC, or, in a more interesting version of the story, after the water of the city due to its dark brown color, it has certainly had a bit of a comeback in this cocktail crazed era. Traditionally made with rye (as far as I can tell, though just like anything, we could find hundreds of "true" and "traditional" recipes and stories of its origin), lots of places now make it with bourbon, and I think that's just fine. After all, that's how I first learned it, and thus will always make it.
On a recent visit to my wellspring of Manhattans, I picked up a bottle of the very affordable and passable Rebel Yell bourbon, which was quickly mixed with vermouth and stirred with ice. Into a chilled glass it went with a cherry (maraschino in this case, though if you can get your hands on the good but cheap jarred sour cherries in stores like HarvesTime in Chicago, even better--such a nice balance of sweet and sour). Dash some bitters on top if you like. Perfect way to warm up in the winter, or cool down in the summer.

Meanwhile, we're full steam ahead for the next F.o.t.D. Salon, featuring all things pork. If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here. Until then, cheers to the Manhattan!