Friday, April 8, 2011

When a Lunatic Offers You Pork, You Take It

(not the pig in question; this guy's just sleeping)

Old Crazy Hair just made his way back from China, and cyclone of energy that he is, has already procured a whole pig from Susanna Farms for a dinner he's doing next week. Luckily for us at F.o.t.D. and those attending Sunday's Salon, he's letting us share in the pig, so I'll be picking up several parts tomorrow morning for our feast. I've got my mind set on some items (rillettes, crisped belly jam), and others will be decided once I get my hands on this good stuff and hit the markets for some early spring veg, keeping the menu nice and spontaneous. Big thanks to crazy hair for the spirit of communal pig enjoyment, and big thanks, of course, to the pig itself.